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  1. Can I add testing users with Charge ?

  2. Yes! You just need to create a configuration file generating users with "add" operation.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE charge SYSTEM "charge.dtd">
    <server name="default" host="IPACCESS" port="389"/>
    <list name="manager">
    		<item value="uid=manager,o=example,c=country"/>
    		<item value="secret"/>
    <list name="creation">
    	<items var="@" from="1" to="100">
    		<item value="o=example,c=country"/>
    		<item value="user@"/>
    	<op type="bind" name="manager"/>
    	<op type="add" nb="all" name="creation"/>
    	<op type="unbind"/>

    Of course it is possible to use a configuration file of the same type to delete these users after your tests.

  3. I have no xml2-config.

  4. If when you compile you have the error message "xml2-config: command not found", you don't have correctly installed the libxml2 library (see for that). In particular, if you have installed it in a specific directory, you must add it to PATH:

    export PATH=/dirinstall-libxml2/bin:$PATH

  5. Now I have xml2-config, but I can't compile.

  6. If when you compile you have error messages as XML_PARSE_DTDVALID is not defined, you don't have you good version of libxml2. If you have many installed versions, check that you use the appropriate one with:

    $ which xml2-config

    If it doesn't match, see previous question.

  7. When I compile, I have no ldap.h file.

  8. You must install OpenLDAP libraries. Use packages for your distribution or see

    If you have already installed in a specific directory, use these commands before launching make:

    $ export CPPFLAGS=-I/dirinstall-openldap/include
    $ export LDFLAGS=-L/dirinstall-openldap/lib

  9. Compilation is ok, but Charge can't find shared library.

  10. Use this to tell Charge where to find it:

    $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/dirinstall-openldap/lib

  11. xmlCtxtReadFile symbol is not defined.

  12. As the previous question, use:

    $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/dirinstall-libxml2/lib

    To use twice:

    $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/dirinstall-openldap/lib:/dirinstall-libxml2/lib

  13. I have the message "Validation failed: no DTD found !". But I have the DTD file. What have I to do ?

  14. You must specify the exact path to the DTD in the configuration file. You must modify the line:

    <!DOCTYPE charge SYSTEM "charge.dtd">


    <!DOCTYPE charge SYSTEM "/path/charge.dtd">

  15. How to stop Charge ?

  16. Type Ctrl-C. Stats will be printed.

  17. How to launch non-simultaneous sequences ?

  18. The more simple way is to launch Charge twice of continuation. For example:

    $ ./charge charge1.conf ; ./charge charge2.conf

  19. I can't create many threads.

  20. Many parameters of your system influence on the number of threads you can create:

  21. I get error 2 (Protocol error) when I try to do a bind.

  22. It is probably a problem of version of LDAP protocol. To fix it, use the argument ldapversion of the <server> tag.

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